Risk assessment in the workplace and work environment and creating Risk Assessment Act include the following components:


  • Creating a decision to initiate proceedings and creating teams to assess risk;
  • Introducing a professional team of legal entity for risk assessment;
  • Constructing a Plan for implementation of risk assessment process;
  • Collection and systematization of data to be processed;
  • Identification of potential dangers and hazards and their systematization and registration;
  • Risk assessment for all positions in the work environment (per grouped positions);
  • Creating a program for gradual elimination of defects and hazards;
  • Establishing measures to eliminate the dangers and hazards at work;
  • Identifying jobs with high risk;
  • Establishing priorities for risk elimination;
  • Defining the means of risk management;
  • Adoption of the individual and the overall conclusions and more.

Risk assessmentRisk assessment in the workplace and work environment, and creation of Risk Assessment Act is carried out by a team composed of exceptional experts in Occupational health and safety and other professional profiles (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, technology, occupational medicine etc..), qualified to perform the majority of complex tasks in the field of Occupational health and safety.