OHS Documentation

Services for the development of complete technical and normative documents for OHS system management in the company - legal entity

These services include preparation of the following documents:

  • Act (decision) on the determination of OHS accountable entity;
  • General Act - Ordinance on OHS, regulating the problem of rights, duties and responsibilities of all employees;
  • The training program for employees’ safe and healthy work;
  • Appropriate educational materials - manual for self-education in the area of OHS;
  • Tests (several types by occupation) to verify employees' knowledge of OHS;
  • Records of training employees on safe and healthy work;
  • Other appropriate records and forms for the management of OHS system;
  • The Study of construction site and accompanying legal documentation, for the construction site of your choice;
  • Fire Regulations and fire safety plan;
  • Setting up an OHS IT system for carrying out of the tasks by computer and more.

Services for the development of normative documentation of complete OHS system managing is carried out by a team composed of exceptional experts in Occupational health and safety and other professional profiles (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, technology, occupational medicine etc..), qualified to perform the majority of complex tasks in the field of Occupational health and safety.