Sector for Machine Tools of Lola institute is divided into following categories:

History of development and production of our machine tools

In the field of machine tools Lola institute Ltd. took part in the development of the large number of machines produced in ILR factory. That factory was established in 1948 and produced about 2,000 machine tools for metal cutting and about 3,000 presses. More than half of these machines were exported to the global market in over 60 countries. Product range in the first period consisted of horizontal boring mills, vertical lathes, planning machines, universal milling machines, portal milling machines, drilling machines, eccentric presses, hydraulic presses, hammers and shears.

First numerically controlled machine was produced in 1967. An important step in the production of modern horizontal drilling-milling machines was made in 1970 when started the business and technical cooperation with the German company Wotan and production of machines with spindle diameter 105 and 130 mm. In the past ILR has had business and technical cooperation in the production of machine tools with other well-known international manufacturers like Waldrich Coburg in portal milling machine, Renault in the field of special machine tools and Weingarten in eccentric presses.

In the last period production program of machine tools of ILR factory consisted of horizontal boring-milling machines and machining centres with work spindle diameter from 105 up to 225 mm, vertical lathes and machining centres for turning of workpieces with diameter from 1200 up to 4000 mm and mechanical and hydraulic presses.