OHS Accountable Entity

Services of professional OHS accountable entity for all enterprises, institutions and other legal entities that have this legal obligation.

These services include the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Performing the role of OHS accountable entity, which meets the needs of corporate and legal obligations;
  • Visiting the work premises (facilities, construction sites, etc..) as needed or negotiated, monitoring of defects and irregularities, the proposal of adequate OHS measures and remedies and solving technical problems;
  • Addressing urgent OHS problems (work related accidents, training new employees, our presence during the official inspections, etc.);
  • Occasional contacts with the responsible managers and assistance with solving problems in the OHS field;
  • Monitoring, improving and upgrading the OHS system;
  • Arround the clock consultative services - advice as needed from the subject area and more.

Services of OHS accountable entity is carried out by a team composed of exceptional experts in Occupational health and safety and other professional profiles (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, technology, occupational medicine etc..), qualified to perform the majority of complex tasks in the field of Occupational health and safety.