OHS CoordinatorServices of OHS site coordinator in accordance with its obligations under Article 19 of Law on Occupational Health and Safety - Serbia, among other things, includes the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Supervision and coordination of all subcontractors on the site in regard to the common security measures at work and fire protection, provision of written orders for the elimination of identified irregularities, and suggestions to OHS accountable entities of each subcontractor in terms of taking individual measures;
  • A site visit several times a week (more often if necessary) and solving urgent OHS problems;
  • Holding meetings (which are committed to the OHS and FP on the site) with representatives of contractors, subcontractors, investors, weekly supervision and OHS troubleshooting;
  • Providing written reports for the client and the meeting participants about their weekly activities and current state;
  • Regular contact with the responsible managers on site and assistance in solving problems in the field of OHS;
  • Mandatory contacts with inspection bodies and problem solving;
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of OHS and FP on the site;
  • Consulting - advice in the subject area for all participants on site and more.

Services of OHS Coordinator is carried out by a team composed of exceptional experts in Occupational health and safety and other professional profiles (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, technology, occupational medicine etc..), qualified to perform the majority of complex tasks in the field of Occupational health and safety. 

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