As a starting point for configuration of the control parameters for a robot as a machine tool, EMC2 is used. Robot Lola 50 uses INDRAMAT AC servo motors as actuators in conjunction with INDRAMAT frequency regulators. For the communication with EMC2 two PCI computer card MOTENC-Lite are used.


Robot Lola 50 as a vertical 5-axes Boring-Milling Machine

PC-racunarska-kartica-MOTENC-LiteEach card has four analog outputs for connection to the frequency regulators and four quadrature digital inputs for connection to the optical measuring systems, encoders. There are a number of digital inputs and outputs for connection to the robot sensors and switches. This is more than enough facilities to control six axes of extra movement drives and the main movement drive. With this, the final configuration of the machine is not closed, because adding of more MOTENC-Lite card increases the ability of control to an even more axes, according to the capacity of added cards. This allows possibility to manage an integrated and planned additional translatory and rotary axes desk, in addition to the available six robot axis and the one spindle axis.

Control unit configured in this way, for a robot-machine tool, enables control using G-code that can be generated through CAM software tools, as for any other conventional machine tool.



Concept of system for control and programming