Three Axes PK Machine

Slika troosne mašine sa paralelnom kinematikom

Prototype of the first domestic PKM was built ten years after unveiling of the first PKM at the Chicago exhibition (IMTS94). It was the main result of cooperation between LOLA system and Chair for manufacturing engineering at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering Belgrade during realization of the MIS 3.02.0101.B project of 3-AXIS PKM funded by Ministry of science and environmental protection inside technology development program framework. Postprocessors were configured for selected CAD/CAM systems.

Machine is programmed like vertical 3 axis mill with serial kinematics.

Initial analysis of machine concept and preparations for control system development were carried beforehand. Project activities were assigned in such manner that prototype was to be developed from scratch without copying other designs.

Mechanism on which this machine is based was patented.

Machine authors were awarded City of Belgrade April award in 2006.