LOLA-15LOLA 15 is a industrial robot with 6-degrees of freedom and 15 kg payload capacity. It is developed in Lola Institute, to carry out experiments related to the development of robot control systems. It is designed for arc welding applications, gas cutting, manipulation and assembly.

Dimensions and workspace of robot LOLA15:

Number of axesStrokeSpeedDrive
I 340º 170 º/s AC servomotor
II 240º 140 º/s AC servomotor
III 155º 170 º/s AC servomotor
IV 400º 290 º/s AC servomotor
V 270º 170 º/s AC servomotor
VI 400º 380 º/s AC servomotor

Technical specifications:

Repeatability +/- 0,2 mm
Capacity 15 daN
Range Greater than 0,63 m, less than 1,62 m
Control unit Robot Controller (LOLA RC)
Weight 600 daN