Zorica Dodevska, dipl. ing. org. sci.
Junior Researcher

Tel: +381 11 25 42 510
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Fields of interest

Implementation of Innovative Technologies in Quantitative Management; Augmented Reality; Complexity Theory; Simplified Robotic Models; Project Management; Innovations


  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences – PhD student
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences – Master Engineer of Organizational Sciences (2014)
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences – Graduate Engineer of Organizational Sciences (2013)


Junior Researcher


  1. Development of devices for pilot training and dynamic flight simulation of modern combat aircraft: 3DoF Centrifuge and 4DoF spatial disorientation trainer, TR-35023
    Research project supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia


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