LOLA 300 CNC controllers series was developed in the time from 1988 to 1995.

This broad range of systems is readily applicable to machining centers, milling machines, lathes and turning centers and they can be extended to cover many other types of metalworking machinery.

Based on proven modern technology, the CNC systems have been designed to increase machine tool productivity, efficiency and product quality. Because of the systems' flexibility and ease of configuration they can be used in multi-machine installations, including FMS.

32-bit multiprocessor and the use of modern electronic technology enables high performance control capabilities for high-speed accurate machining. The CNC system supports up to 9 servo-controlled axes, spindles and auxiliary axes through its integrated PLC. Fast execution of the advanced ladder logic is coupled with a wide choice of input/output and intelligent modules and the broad NC to PLC window.

The graphical programming system of the LOLA 300 CNC series allows complex machining to be easily programmed and simulated, enabling operators to take full advantage of the machine tool's capabilities.
Easily understood graphics and information displayed in the menu driven environment enables the operator to quickly understand the system and master its operation. The ergonomically designed keyboard and high resolution screen ensure that the LOLA 300 CNC systems are easy to use.