Prior to final program execution, verifications that G-code passes through are of crucial importance. For that purpose, there are graphic interfaces showing tool path, and novel quality is achieved by displaying the entire machine moving in a virtual Python 3D environment. Likely collisions which may occur during program execution are thus possible to notice, otherwise unnoticeable in a former way.

In the simulation regime it is possible to define a virtual machine, i.e. build a model of a concrete machine such as the one that can be built in some of the CAD/CAM software packages. This way, in addition to real-time simulation of tool center moving and trajectory display, it is also possible to gain real-time virtual simulation of the overall machine configuration kinematics.


Principle of configuring virtual machine in EMC2

Example of virtual simulation of penguin mascot machining on a turning center with milling function

Example of virtual machining simulation on LOLA 50