In the Republic of Serbia and in the world, there are a number of small and medium-sized streams that small hydro power plants can provide inexpensive and always available electricity.

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A team of experts from the Institute Lola is engaged in development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of small hydro power plants. Lola institute has rich experience in over ten designed and performed ship locks and weirs. Also, Lola institute performs repairs of the ship locks and weirs according to their own projects or projects of other organizations provided by users.

The small hydro power plants are often the only source of power in:

  • rural areas,
  • isolated commercial facilities such as a timber plants and agricultural products plants,
  • tourist facilities,
  • communication centers and military facilities.

Advantages of small hydro power plants:

  • Using small and medium-sized streams,
  • Reliable supply of electricity,
  • Rational Power Generation,
  • Renewable energy,
  • Reliable operation with minimal maintenance.
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Hidraulic Turbines

Depending on the hydraulic conditions of small hydro sites, there are different types of hydraulic turbines:

  • Bulb turbines in horizontal and vertical design, with single or double control,
  • Kaplan turbines in horizontal and vertical design, with single or double control,
  • Francis turbines in horizontal and vertical design,
  • Pelton turbines with one, two and four nozzles in horizontal and vertical design,
  • Cross-flow turbines.
turbine application

The application area of different types of hydraulic turbines, depending on the flow rate Q [m3 / s] and the head H [m]

Pelton turbines 01Pelton turbines 03
Pelton blades Pelton turbines 02



Depending on the working conditions of small hydro power plants, we apply single-phase or three-phase, synchronous or asynchronous generators.

Synchronous generators can be with a static or rotational excitation, and with or without brush (non-contact).

Asynchronous generators with capacitor excitation performed with saturated magnetic circuit or reducers with stabilized power output.

Generators are equipped with the necessary equipment for measurement, automation, signaling and protection.

Turbine Governor

Turbine units are equipped with a device for automatic control of turbine and generator that provides:

  • Automatic start and connection of the power unit to a distribution or an isolated network,
  • Regulation of the rotational speed at idle run or in isolated operation,
  • Programmed operation at partial or full load output,
  • Automatic stop with disconnection of the generator from the network,
  • Protection of the power unit against runaway,
  • Power control of the unit according inlet flow,
  • Opening limitation in accordance with head,
  • Combinatory link realization of turbines with double regulated control.